Indigenous People

Indigenous Australians arrived on the North West coast of Australia before 60,000 years, marking the human history of Western Australia. These inhabitants went and explored all the east and the south of the continent. As per the records, the first Europeans arrived in 1616, when the Dutch arrived on the west coast.

Post this, many visitors arrived and explored the surroundings but nobody stayed or planned to have a settlement. It was only after 200 years when Major Edmund brought in an expedition by New South Whales colonial government. Around 1829 the establishment of Swan River Colony followed, which also marked the establishment of Perth.

Still, because of its weather conditions not many settlers decided to settle there, this is when the gold rush that happened in the 1880s and a lot of people started settling in. The population substantially increased following the world war 2.

The Old Perth Bridge
In 1890 Western Australia gained their first self-government and joined the rest of the five states in 1901 to form the Commonwealth of Australia. But not many know that around 1933 the western Australians revolted against the Commonwealth and wanted to opt out of the Australian Parliament and go back to self-governance.

Despite a successful referendum with 68% electors, the British Parliament declined to act. The movement dropped with liberal federal grants and rising economy.